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If you don’t experience Great Health on a regular basis then you may be living with a poorly aligned spine!

The spine is the core structure in the body and acts a lot like the foundation in your house. The spine supports the structures and functions in the body. The Head is supported by the spine and must be properly aligned for normal upright posture. The spine must be stable for proper movement of your arms and legs.

The ribs attach to the spine and its stability allows normal breathing to take place. Many of the internal organs have connective tissue attachments to the spine as well.

The delicate spinal cord also passes through the spine conveying the electrical impulses that regulate normal function, healing, maintenance, growth, and adaptation of all the tissues in the body.

We utilize specific, non-invasive screening tests that quickly tell us if your spine is out of alignment. Correcting poor spinal alignment can resolve many of the health problems that people suffer with and help prevent more serious chronic problems from developing.

Have your spine properly aligned and Experience Health!!

Ever had a bad slip, fall, car accident, sports injury, or birth trauma? These jarring forces can easily mis-align your spine at the junction where your head and neck join.

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