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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Back Pain

I initially consulted Dr. Bales because of muscle spasms in my back, neck and shoulder soreness from an old whiplash injury, chronic lower back pain, and pressure points on the soles of my feet. I’ve been under care for a year and a half. My muscle spasms are gone. My neck, shoulders and low back have only occasional pain, and the soles of my feet are better. Also unexpectedly my irritable bowel syndrome cleared up. Walking is no longer painful, I can do physical work easily, and I have no more muscle spasms. Driving is much easier over long distances.

Thanks Dr. Bales., M.M.

Vision Changed

I consulted Dr. Bales to optimize my general overall health. Recently I increased the number of times I see Dr. Bales from once a month to twice a month. I recently had my eyes tested and I no longer need bi-focals and the vision in my left eye has improved. I still need glasses for my distance vision, but not needing bi-focals makes me feel young! I’m 44 years old and my optometrist couldn’t believe it.

Thanks.  R.F.

Allergies, Migraines, Asthma and Arthritis

I have suffered for years with allergies, later developing migraines and asthma. Most days I had a general feeling of unwell, with varying symptoms like fatigue, a restless sleep or no sleep, nausea, heartburn, headaches and recurring colds and sinus infections. I lived on antacid pills, pain pills and allergy pills everyday. Over the years I have been treated for and had surgery for various symptoms. One surgery was for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on my right hand and after five years I believed I was having trouble again as some of my fingers started going numb or were painful and I had a cyst on one of my knuckles. I visited my family physician where an x-ray revealed arthritis in my right hand and I started Glucosamine. There was some improvement but not enough and I was worried about having more surgery. I did mention this to my mother-in-law and she suggested I see this Alliston Chiropractor. I have always heard negative comments about Chiropractors, however I decided to give this a try. My first visit to Dr. Bales was in February 2004 and I wish I had seen him before I had my Carpal Tunnel surgery. On my next visit I had my first adjustment and I felt some relief from the pain that same day.  After only two days I was finally able to turn my head to the right without pain. I had not been able to do this for years. On my next visit I mentioned to Dr. Bales that I would be visiting my mother in Edmonton and that she had two cats so I would have to buy more allergy pills. Dr. Bales suggested that I not use the allergy pills, but let my body heal itself. Well, I did buy more allergy pills, just in case and I never used one of them! I could not believe it. I felt great. I had no allergy symptoms at all. That winter was the best I had felt for years. I have complete control of my allergy and asthma symptoms and relief from my arthritis. This is all due to seeing an Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractor.

Thanks,  I.L.


I came to see Dr. Bales to see if he could help me with my poor health. I had severe allergies, lower back pain, sore knees, psoriasis, and sore ribs from an accident. After six months the changes in my health are night and day. All conditions have improved significantly. Allergies are absent completely. Joints showed a HUGE improvement. I get better sleep, am more active, feel more energetic. Also I no longer pump chemicals into my body. No more Reactine, allergy shots, anti-inflamatories. I feel awesome!

Thanks.  P.A.


I sustained a serious right arm injury in 1993. I had been diagnosed with right arm tendonitis, medial epicondylitis, intermittent nerve root compression and possibly Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). I was in excruciating pain in my right arm to fingers all the time. Since undergoing Dr. Bales’ Upper Cervical Care I’ve been able to stop all doctor prescribed medications. The medication was only helping minimally with the pain and was making me very ill. My arm had responded wonderfully to this treatment and I still continue to have monthly check-ups as maintenance.  With the improvement in my arm and finally being able to stop the medications I was taking, I could at last consider having a baby. My husband and I are proud to announce that we had a healthy baby boy. I’ve been truly blessed.

Thanks Dr. Bales for all you do.  M.S.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Emotional Disorder

I started seeing Dr. Bales because of pinching between my shoulder blades and a limited ability to turn my head to the left. Prior to seeing Dr. Bales, I was unaware that my stomach and emotional problems were a direct effect of my neck problem. After about 15 months both of the above problems no longer trouble me. My stomach and bowel problems (IBS) have lessened. Many foods had caused me to feel sick and tired before. Now I have had only a rare day or two where my IBS flares up. I could not eat dairy foods. After 8 years of no dairy my husband took me to Dairy Queen and I had my first ice cream without any ill affects. That was really great! I now have more energy and a greater ability to focus. My mind feels clearer and I seldom feel depressed. Now I don’t get anxiety attacks either. I am more productive, less tired and free of stomach and bowel pain and discomfort. I only wish I had come here sooner.


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