Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a uniquely different approach to Health Care. It is an advanced and highly specialized procedure for correcting mis-alignment of the entire spine.

Why is this procedure so vital to your health?

The Spine is the central core structure in the body. Its purpose is to support the structures and functions that take place in the body. In its natural alignment the spine allows optimal function and healing to take place. The junction where the head attaches to the spine is the critical area that affects the rest of the spine. When the head’s center of gravity sits naturally on top of the spine normal inputs from the eyes, balance centers in the inner ear, and joint and muscle receptors in the neck, produce normal curvatures, alignment, and movement throughout the rest of the spine.

The head-neck junction is also the most mobile area in the spine and the most common area to get mis-aligned. Whether it be from a slip or fall, contact sports, a long or difficult birthing process, or prolonged poor posture, the head-neck junction is frequently mis-aligned.

Like a faulty foundation in your house, the mis-aligned spine will no longer be able to support and maintain health in the body. Abnormal function will begin and the structure of the body will break down prematurely. Symptoms eventually follow.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is simple; restore and maintain proper alignment of the spine by properly aligning the head on top of the upper neck. It takes years of training and skill development to precisely restore proper upper cervical alignment. The Upper Cervical Chiropractor is specially trained to do this.

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Specific, non-invasive, diagnostic tests allow the Upper Cervical Chiropractor to assess when the head-neck junction is out of alignment and when it has been corrected. The correction is very specific, low-force, and never involves any twisting or jerking of the neck.

To be as healthy as you can be you need to make sure you have proper spinal alignment at all times. Our goal at Bales Family Chiropractic is to help you achieve this.

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